Xeriscaping Tips & Benefits

arial photo of suburban front yard xeriscape

Every homeowner in Colorado Springs wants to have a lovely and cordial backyard. But turning your backyard into that heaven-like space that offers a lively escape from other parts of your home is an expensive and arduous exercise. However, with low-maintenance and affordable solutions for upgrading your patio, like xeriscaping, you can build a backdrop that needs minimal watering and care.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a technique of upgrading your lawn to make it water-efficient and low-maintenance. It’s the creation of a sustainable and eco-friendly landscape matching the unique Colorado Springs climate. The process requires overhauling most or all the grass sections of the lawn and replacing them with plants native to Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas.

With xeriscaping, you don’t have to remove the entire turf-grass area but rather redesign the lawn. With the help of a professional, you can redesign the lawn, placing the grass in places you deem right. You can even agree to replace the grass with minimal watering options. You can go for plants that match your color and texture preferences, ensuring you create a visually stunning and naturally sparkling landscape.

Our xeriscaping in Colorado Springs solutions blends various drought-tolerant native plants. We might opt for desert flowers or cacti, as well. We could also settle for hardscape features such as pavers, fire pits, footpaths and patios.

What Are The Advantages of Getting Xeriscaping?

This is the best water-saving way of adding vibrancy and natural beauty to your turf. It cuts the extra water costs common with the standard grass lawns.

Water-Conserving Solution

Substituting the traditional lawn with native plants that necessitate minimal water to survive will help you cut on your water consumption. These lawn solutions support hydrozoning, meaning you will never have to worry about underwatering or overwatering. It minimizes the issue of water scarcity, especially due to the heavy use of the same for irrigating turfs. Reduced water use on plants leads to more water preserved for other purposes.

Money-Saving Solution

Xeriscaping landscapes have the capacity to reduce water bills by over 75%. Native drought-friendly plants don’t require regular mowing or fertilizer, meaning you’ll spend less on maintenance. You might be surprised to note that over 70% of the money you use for lawn care ends up in your savings account. Professional landscaping and maintenance specialists can help you design the perfect xeriscaping solution where the grass is restricted to a distinct precinct to ease irrigation, clipping, and manure application. The cost of materials used for xeriscaping is way cheaper than synthetic grass in terms of initial investment and upkeep costs.

Improves your Property Value

Xeriscaping is the most sustainable landscaping alternative to growing and maintaining natural grass. Its popularity has increased significantly over the last few years because it can increase your curb charm. It acts as a central point of attraction in your home, enticing the attention of home searchers. If you decide to sell your home later, you’ll have better chances of selling it faster.

Time-Saving Solution

With grass lawns, you have to invest lots of time caring for them, ensuring they preserve their greenish and beautiful look. That involves many hours of hoeing and trimming. Rugged native plants need no watering, while drought-tolerant ones need minimal watering. Therefore, less time will be invested to keep your xeriscaping landscape attractive and up to date.

Xeriscaping Tips in Colorado Springs

Getting xeriscaping in Colorado Springs doesn’t guarantee a maintenance-free lawn. It’s not a leeway to sit and relax as you watch your landscape flourish. Watch out for various things to keep your xeriscaping landscape looking beautiful and lively.

Plan and Design

The first tip to getting the most beautiful xeriscaping solution is to start by planning and designing. Planning and designing a xeriscaping landscape is difficult, especially if you are not an expert. Get a professional lawn maintenance specialist in Colorado Springs to help you develop the best solution. They will have the tools to measure the natural inclination of your landscape and the house elevation. With professional help, you can choose the right plants to survive in your area.

Research and Pick the Right Plants

After getting the perfect plan, you must devise a plan for choosing the best plants. Our specialists have a huge database of plants specially categorized per their ability to survive in Colorado Springs and their water usage requirements. We can help you settle for the best plants that will flourish in your area while making your yard aesthetically appealing.

Improve the Soil

Improve the soil arrangement and condition in the irrigation zones. That will ensure it can hold moisture and provide favorable conditions for the plants to flourish. Processes like incorporating compost, adding topsoil, or organic manure can boost growth and survival rates.

Proper Maintenance and Watering

Work with a professional to set up a high-quality irrigation system that delivers the required water to the lawn. A professionally designed irrigation system will ensure minimal water wastage while improving watering efficiency rates. Besides watering, ensure you maintain the lawn properly and per the maximum quality standards. Do all the aeration, fertilizing, weeding, and pruning needed to keep your lawn looking attractive. You might need to refresh the river rocks every few years and the mulch at least once per 12 months. Hardscapes and rocks must be power-washed yearly to maintain their pristine looks.

When you decide to replace your grass lawn with a sustainable alternative like xeriscaping landscape, it’s vital to understand what it takes to maintain it looking beautiful and lively. The tips above are sure-fire solutions to help you design and maintain a beautiful xeriscaping yard. Be sure to work with a professional for suggestions and help to find the right plants and handle all seasonal maintenance and care.